The Internet Has Changed Everything!

Note from Hady Kamal (CEO)

The size of the current Yellow Pages directory tells a story. Long gone are the days when we were able to acquire new customers by just running print ads in the Yellow Pages, in newspapers or in trade magazines. Australian small businesses are paying Google over 2 billion dollars annually for advertising, which confirms that most advertising has now moved from printing to the web.

With experience in IT, we were able to step in and run Google campaigns for our customers, but soon realised that marketing software is thin on the ground and needed other software apps to really make it work. To fill that void we embarked on developing marketing, service and management apps. After 8 years of development, our WebGen Studio platform has grown to a full suite of 24 software apps for day-to-day running of small business. We now offer it to other digital agencies to use under a limited licence.

In the last few years, businesses that had decades of stability came under attack from online advertising, some have lost business to competition and some simply couldn't survive at all. If you’re watching from the sideline and you’re not in the online race, or not getting the results you need from your current vendor, now is the time to take action. We offer you a lot more than just our technical skills. As marketers ourselves, we add to the mix our deep understanding of sales and long experience in business management.

We’re seeking partners who are keen to future proof their businesses with Online Customer Acquisition. Contrary to other forms of promotion, Google advertising is 24/7/365 and keeps converting prospective customers into buyers, even while you’re asleep. We’ve mastered search engine marketing and developed a software platform around it to secure its success. We’ll hold your hand to setup, run all your Google campaigns, attend to your website visitors and provide your staff with training and ongoing support.

We run Google campaigns for businesses at large but for those that need local leads, the model is very much like a franchise where we assign a certain business (e.g. dentist) exclusive marketing rights in an area (e.g. Bondi). In this example, and to avoid conflict of interest, we run campaigns in Bondi strictly for that dentist and do not partner with any other dentists in that area.

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